Customer is very special.

That is our motto to serve all customers. We have an excellent reputation on welcoming guest not offered by most major seafood restaurant in town. Using the finest treasures from the sea, Hawaii live seafood features an outdoor atmosphere. With chair and tables, and a large projector screen, the restaurants features soft elements reminiscent of the sea side to create a tasteful and inventive dining experience.

Outdoor seat with sea view will be the best feel you want to have while enjoying seafoods.

There will be cutleries on every set of table and chair. Below the restaurant is the sea, so you can get a strong sea side impression if you are there enjoying seafoods. Every second will be great when the sea side breeze blow along.

The menu offers various selection of fresh seafoods and alive seafoods.

The menu illustrating Hawaii Live Seafood commitment to serve fresh ingredients to every customers everytime they want. We never miss a thing on the menu, everything on menu is available everyday. From its seafood selections flown in daily to its expansive and airy outdoor dining, Hawaii Live Seafood is a way to experience eating seafoods.

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